Our Services

Our Services

For Schools

Educational and Informational Services

Implementation of Evidence Based Programs (EBPs) that aim to reduce the need for intervention and treatment for children grades K-12. The goals of these programs are to promote youth development, reduce risk-taking behaviors, build assets and resilience, and, ultimately, prevent problem behaviors throughout the life span. We offer professional development for school staff, parent workshops – research-based curriculum series for parents. Prevention Awareness Monthly topics (i.e. gambling awareness month, alcohol awareness, suicide prevention).

  • Research and science-based curricula
  • Assembly programs
  • Faculty professional development on substance abuse and related topics
  • Olweus Bully Prevention program training available for school faculties
  • Prevention Education Specialists available in Brooklyn and Queens to provide classroom education series
Counseling Services

Prevention counseling is a short-term, problem-resolution-focused prevention service approach that is designed to assess and improve the levels of youth and family risk and protective factors to prevent or reduce substance use, problem gambling, and the negative consequences of such behaviors. We provide on-site individual and group counseling in Diocese of Brooklyn academies. Prevention counselors’ complete assessments and provide referrals when appropriate. Family therapy units are located in the Brooklyn and Queens field offices and tele-counseling is available due to COVID 19.

  • On-site individual and group counseling services in select schools
  • Family therapy unit in our Queens and Brooklyn field offices
  • Assessment for referral to PDHP or to outside community mental health services
Crisis Response Team

PDHP Crisis Response Team (CRT) is available to all Diocesan schools as an immediate therapeutic intervention for crises. After receiving a call from a school, counselors provide on-site, face-to-face risk assessments in order to prevent hospitalization, protective custody, and/or time away from school.  The approach is crisis specific and age appropriate. Counselors also follow up with individuals to provide necessary referrals in order to prevent future crises. PDHP’s CRT also assists school staff to deal with the crises in an effective manner while acknowledging feelings or emotions that may arise.

  • Crisis intervention services for individuals, families, schools and faculties

For Parents & Families

Educational and Informational Services
  • Parent association presentations on topics including drug prevention, internet safety, bullying, and self-care, to name a few
  • Family Fun Nights and Parent-Teen Nights to encourage family bonding and enhance communications
  • Research and science-based curricula series for parents
  • Support groups for parents providing mutual support and resources
Parents As a Resource (P.A.R.)

For Communities

Prevention and Counseling Services
  • Consultation is available for communities interested in providing prevention services in their neighborhoods
  • Family counseling services are available throughout family-therapy units in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, and Richmond Hill, Queens
  • Collaboration with other drug-prevention agencies