About PDHP

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission to provide drug, alcohol, gambling, bullying and violence prevention services to students, families and faculties in the academies, schools and parishes of Brooklyn and Queens. Our comprehensive approach to educational and counseling services aims to decrease risk factors and enhance protective factors to empower students and their families to make healthy life choices.

The program is funded through annual contracts with the New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS), in addition to grants awarded by the city and state.

PDHP is part of the Department of Education (DOE) of the Diocese of Brooklyn. The DOE is a Roman Catholic, not-for-profit corporation, created to operate various programs with public funding. PDHP supports the elementary and high schools within the Diocese of Brooklyn by providing various types of counseling and other support services.

Our History

PDHP was originally created in 1974 as a drug abuse prevention program that offered counseling and psychotherapy services for high schools.

Our program has changed and expanded over the years. Today, it is much more than just a drug prevention program. It provides crisis intervention when traumatic events occur in the Catholic schools within the Diocese of Brooklyn, and counseling at other times for at-risk students. It also provides anti-bullying services in the schools serviced by PDHP.