Parents as a Resource (P.A.R.) Workshops and Events

Parents As a Resource (P.A.R.)

Workshops and Events

We provide free parent/caregiver and faculty support and education through workshops and events and curriculum. These workshops and events are designed to support PDHP’s mission of prevention to all of the elementary and high schools in the Diocese of Brooklyn in all regions of Brooklyn and Queens.

Bookings should be made at least two weeks in advance to provide for adequate time to market events and report RSVPs. Bookings can be made for a variety of times. However, communication is key as our funding often relies on numbers in attendance and to allow for necessary schedule changes to ensure the unique needs of all school communities.

Once a booking is set, a flier will be emailed to the point person about a month prior to its date. It is up to the point person to confirm receipt and report any changes to the booking at this time. The RSVP date is set for a week before the event and must be reported by end of business the following day. We will follow up with any required items and an arrival time for the event.

Regarding virtual meetings, the school/academy will provide a secure Zoom login to all those who sent in their RSVP prior to the workshop. The workshop will be set with a waiting room and parents will gain admittance with their name on screen.

Follow-up emails are sent at least two weeks after the event to check on any feedback of attendees and provide further support if necessary.

We look forward to working with you!

Single Session Workshops for Parents

Most single sessions require a minimum of 10 participants unless otherwise noted.

A Mindful Student: Set Your Child Up for Academic Success

How anxiety affects our children (& us), ways Mindfulness can help, what we can do at home to support our children’s academic performance, and strategies to foster communication.
For parents/caregivers of all ages

Claim the Name: Bullying or Bad Behavior

Note: Principal should be present.

Discussions and activities for parents & caregivers designed to recognize the difference between unpleasant developmental behaviors and bullying, support their children, and effectively address a bullying and cyber-bullying scenario.
For parents/caregivers of all ages

Preventive Parents

How and when to speak to your child about current drug trends, like vaping, marijuana, and alcohol.
For parents/caregivers of all ages

See You Later, Alligator

Note: Principal should be present.

Strategies and skills for the parents & care-givers of the early childhood student.
For parents/caregivers of 3 to 7-year-olds

Parents: Social Media and Your Child

Smartphone safety, trends and tips to help keep your child connected safely.
For parents/caregivers of all ages

We’re All In This Together

Family Dynamics During, Within and Following Crises
For parents/caregivers of all ages

Family Events

Most Family Events Cap at 50 attendees unless otherwise noted.

Family Fun Night

Interactive Activities and Games to Enhance Social Skills, Physical Literacy, Cooperation, Communication, and Family Bonding
Families of Grades K-6

Parent & Teen Time

Interactive activities to strengthen family bonding, improve quality time, communication and cooperation
Families of Grades 7 & 8

Looking for More Support?

Guiding Good Choices

Maximum 15 participants/Minimum 7 participants
A free, committed five session Evidence Based workshop designed to empower parents/caregivers to support each other, to learn tools to strengthen family connections, and to help children develop healthy behaviors as they approach adolescence.
For Parents/Caregivers of Grades 4 – 8