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PDHP- Program for the Development of Human Potential  is the Diocese of Brooklyn’s School -Based  Substance Abuse Prevention Program.drug_free

The program is a part of the Department of Education, Diocese of Brooklyn and is dedicated to providing drug, alcohol, gambling prevention services to all the students in the Catholic elementary and high schools in Brooklyn and Queens.  It was founded in the mid -70s and is funded by a contract with the NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services.

Our comprehensive approach to educational and counseling services aims to decrease risk factors and enhance protective factors so that students and their families will be empowered to make healthy life choices.

PDHP provides its services to the students, teachers and parents .

Student services:

      • educational presentations on drug, alcohol and gambling prevention information
      • short-term individual prevention counseling at the school site
      • assessments for counseling services
      • referrals to community services
      • family counseling in our field offices
      • Re Connecting Youth (RY) program in high schools for at- risk students



School services- faculty and administration:

      • training in  group facilitation skills to prepare teachers to facilitate after -school discussion groups
      • faculty presentations on various topics
      • consultations to administrators
      • crisis response teams to address individual and community crises


Parent services:

      • training for parents to prepare them to facilitate parent discussion groups
      • parent -teen nights to facilitate parent and teen dialogue
      • parent fun nights to encourage parents to interact with other families and their children in non-competitive games
      • family counseling


Staff of PDHP– all staff have Masters degrees in social work, school counseling, guidance, art therapy and related fields.


Some schools have counselors placed on site and those that do not receive services from Regional Coordinators who are supervisors and are available to the schools to assess and refer students .


Our locations:

Central Office:
112-06 86 Ave. – 3rd fl.
Richmond Hill, NY 11418
ph: 718-441-8921
fax: 718-805-1514

Queens Field Office:
112-06 86th Ave. – 2nd  fl.
Richmond Hill, NY 11418
ph: 718-849-2200
fax: 718-849-9348

Brooklyn Field Office:
8401 23rd Avenue – 3rd Floor
Brooklyn NY 11214
Tel: (718) 871-7777
Fax: (718) 854-2899

Hours:  Mon-Fri. 9:00-5:00 and evenings for counseling


How you can help:

PDHP is funded by the NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services and you can help by contacting your Senator or Assemblyperson in Albany or at their district offices and request that they increase funding to school-based substance abuse prevention programs.

Donations directly to the program are also gratefully accepted.