counseling-1Short-term prevention counseling is provided at those schools that have a PDHP counselor on site.  Not all schools have a counselor on site.  For those schools that do not have a Counselor, a Regional Coordinator from the field office is available to go to the school to do an assessment or referral.

Our field offices in Sunset Park and Richmond Hill have family therapy services available in the evenings The fee is a sliding scale–based on income.  Income verification is required. We are not able to accept Medicaid or private insurance but try to keep our fees as reasonable as possible.

A child does not need to attend a Catholic school in order to receive counseling services at the field office. If a parent lives in a parish and is interested in obtaining these services for their child they can call the field office and request an intake assessment.

Brooklyn Field Office
8401 23rd Avenue – 3rd Floor
Brooklyn NY 11214
Tel: (718) 871-7777
Fax: (718) 854-2899

Queens Field Office
112-06 86th Ave – 2nd Floor
Richmond Hill NY 11418
Tel: (718) 849-2200
Fax: (718) 849-9348